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That's us - and each of us has a recommendation for your great time in Zurich.


Excitedly, I welcome you here to Boutique Hotel Kronenhof. After many years as a director in the corporate hotel world, the dream of owning my own hotel has finally come true with Kronenhof.

My Tip 4 You

My tip for you isn't just a single place but the little "Get to Know Zurich Tour" that I usually do with friends visiting Zurich for the first time.

We make a quick stop at Paradeplatz, where we pop into the Swiss traditional confectionery "Sprüngli" and grab a small box of delicious pralines or Luxemburgerli – whichever suits our taste. Then, we take a stroll through Zurich's Old Town and climb the stairs to Lindenhof.

Almost at the top, we make a brief stop at "Le Café en Soie by ViCAFE," a tiny and charming espresso bar. There, we grab the second part of our "provisions" and then settle on the Lindenhof wall with coffee and chocolate.

At this romantic spot, you get a fantastic view down to the Limmat River, the historic Zurich Niederdörfli, and the lake. It's a delightful way to start exploring Zurich.


I've been living in Zurich for 8 years now and have been working at Kronenhof during that time.

Feel free to hit me up for any questions about your reservation. I'm totally into the city of Zurich and the nature around it. So, with my 3 boys, we're often out and about.

My Insider Tip

Especially in the summer, the Katzensee, just a 20-minute walk from the hotel, is a natural bathing paradise.

During all other seasons, the nature around the lake invites you for a relaxing walk in the fresh air.


Welcome to Kronenhof! I'm your Room Wizard here, conjuring up cleanliness and order with my team.

Need an extra towel, another pillow, or even a magic trick or two? Just give me a shout – your Room Wizard is at your service!

My Insider Tip

Swiss folks have an awesome cuisine, and of course, ridiculously good chocolate. Oddly enough, there aren't many ice cream parlors. "Glace," as it's called here, is more likely to be found in a restaurant or, well, the grocery store.

Luckily, for the past two years, there's been a fantastic gelato spot at Zehntenhausplatz, almost right next to Kronenhof. Here, you can treat yourself to delightful Italian ice cream specialties.